Sky Environment & Clouds?

I would love to use a Sky Environment with Clouds similar as seen below in this video. I was wondering if there is any Environment out there I could download for free? Or if possible, any tutorials to build it from scratch?

[Reset Atmosphere Tech WIP - YouTube

Reset Atmosphere Tech WIP - YouTube](Reset Atmosphere Tech WIP - YouTube)

There is nice write ups how its work.

@remozseo Why not use GOOD SKY in Blueprints - UE Marketplace

that sky is great. but for some reason the sky is not going to be recognized for the GI when using Ray Tracing?

So… I was running a test and setup the scene with DX12 and Ray Tracing for the Global Illumination.
When using an HDRI the GI is working.

But when using the Good Sky only, I don’t get any Global Illumination from the Sky.
Also no Reflection.

Hmm… is this not supported or do I need to activate something else?

Thank you so much!