Sky dome with fake distance field clouds

Finally got round to making my own ‘sky dome’ material.

Its on a large mesh plane that has radial gradient WPO to push it down at the horizon.

Currently using the inbuilt perlin noise but will switch it over to use textures soon. Exploits the -1,1 range of the noise to have good control over the shape, opacity and color of the noise. Also can take the gradient of that noise (like a distance field) and get fake lighting (dot product etc). Also a fake depth shadow using the remapped range to mult the colour. Added a bit of tessellation to give it some shape but the goal is to have 3 planes each with a slightly expanded noise shape which should give some parallax. I’ve tested it in another program and work really nicely for a nice performant sky system.

Off to bed now I think.

Ah, very nice. I was working on something similar last week, but actual job got in the way so it got canned. Will be nice to see how this evolves.