Sky Blue/Wonderfull Days -


To learn better new lighting thing, I’ve tried to do a scene from the Korean Animation feature called Sky Blue/Wonderfull Days.

Attached is frame and the first test in UE4.

I took some liberties with the floor, and doing now new type platform, but I might come back to a more close platform textures.

Still early stages…but any comment are welcome!



Awesome job Superxcm. Your work to recreate the photo looks fantastic.

This is looking great! Love the color/feel of the anime shot you are recreating. Anxious to see more. =)

Thanks guy so much!!

I’ve finally got a few days off and been looking in every direction for understanding new lighting/shaders system, been doing so many tests. Instead of posting everytime a new thread (gonna get messy!) - I created a new thread with everything inside :

Will try to update every other day! Should have a new version of another shot of Wonderful days ( a little more complex!) in 2 -3 days.

Thanks again!