Sky & Atmosphere Unreal youtube tutorial - questions....

Hi folks,

I’m a noob and i’ve been trying to follow along with this tutorial: Exploring the depths of the new Sky & Atmosphere system | Unreal Engine - YouTube

Unfortunately he doesn’t start from an empty scene and takes prior knowledge and set-up for granted, making it hard to follow along and achieve the same results.

I started from a completely empty level. I threw in the directional light and sky/atmos. So far so good.

However, i notice that my sun, although bright (in terms of the brightness of the world), is a tiny dot, whereas his is much bigger. In fact it seems his scene already contains some haze, which i guess is enlarging the sun.

Later in the tutorial he throws in the exponential height fog while saying:
“The original atmospheric fog is not compatible with the new sky atmosphere…so if i combine the two” … say what? So he is already using the atmospheric fog in his scene? But it’s not compatible? Huh?

Anyway, when i throw an exponential height fog in, my scene immediately becomes extremely bright, blown out in fact, whereas when he throws it in there, there is no change in brightness to his scene.

Any ideas? … thanks!

you can dim the thickness of the exponential height fog, it’ll make it less bright
same with the sun size, just fiddle with the values and reset them, i think it’s rayleigh, or mie