Skipping Movie "Intro/Boot up game".

Can you skip the second movie that plays when the game starts with Blue Prints in anyway?

When i try to play video in the game with say a widget or placing video on the game itself the bloody thing just does not work to the point were i had enough with it and stopped trying because over the dozen tutorials i saw to make a video play NONE of them work but i of course blame the engine cause its clearly flawed.

The only movies that play is when you set it up on the Project Settings - Movies Oh and it also has to be in 720p or it wont work… yet i can play 4K video on my PC lickity split why its like this i dont know just because its unreal i guess.

Sure you can stop movies. Take the node from your sequencer and call stop. But: From what blueprint do you Play your movies? Do you have a screenshot how you do it? And: You can Play 1080p Videos too. You have to render it with 1072x720. Thats a bug from 4.6 or so. With sony vegas or something you can do that. I made my Videos so and all are played fine.

They get played from the Beginning of the game thats the only way it will work also when it came to one of the videos that was suppose to play from a “New Game” beginning it never worked not even in 720p and i tried playing 480p videos that i had lying around my PC video folder and those did two things Jack and Squat.

The fact that the Engine can only play low HD video is just silly how on earth do they screw this up? I mean the game is capable of 1080p and 4K and i was even planning on making both available but it wont work because of the Engine the Engine itself is the problem and yes i have rendered video in lower resolutions even the YouTube type versions we all know 720p and 1080p YouTube videos gimp the quality to make it faster to load and even that didnt work.

Its only playing video from the start of the game or “BOOT UP” as for anything else it wont work and its also slightly confusing i set up the video in game multiple times and it does not play anything even trying to preview it does not play it the only way it works is if your play it in the editor and play the video in the Media player and thats it also forbid its 1080p cause it wont work.

So in the end this never worked and the game instead of the cutscene now has a interactive SlideShow with words.