Skipping A Cutscene?


Anyone by chance know a way to receive input during a cutscene, in order to be able to skip a cutscene with a key like “Enter”, or a controller button press? The only thing I’ve been able to find that worked in some cases was a video on YouTube where someone used the Blueprint/Add Script button, then added code there to receive input. However, this method doesn’t work from a Persistent level with sub-levels containing cutscenes.

The usual places that input can be handled, like the ThirdPersonCharacter blueprint or the level blueprint, don’t fire input off during a cutscene – unless I’m overlooking something.

Thanks for your time!

For anyone else that runs into this, considering I found very little documentation online on skipping a sequencer, I finally got it working through the character blueprint after creating a new project. It would seem that something within our derived chain of many classes that made up the main character in the main project prevented it from working correctly.

Thank you for posting this. I just tried it and it works. :slight_smile: