Skip level mechanism

What am I doing wrong here?

I’m trying to create a skip level mechanism using the switch on int node, so when the player presses “S” they skip to the next level in the game:

Each level increments an integer counter to reference where to skip to, like so:


But I can’t get it to work, any ideas on how to fix?

Try using this method of doing things. I used 1-4 and I noticed you used multiple numbers so make sure to scale mine to yours.

The reason we check if the ‘LevelNumber’ is 4 in the first graph that is controlled by the ‘S’ key is to insure that your selection loops properly. Vice-versa for the second graph being controlled by the ‘W’ Key.

Ok thanks for that I’ll give that a shot!

Make sure that in the second graph you are setting the level correctly because I noticed that dragging off of the first int node I set the variable to Two. This should be set to One.