skinning issue or animation import settings?

We have had 2 different team members skin our character to the third person rig. After import all looks fine until we play one of the provided Epic’s animations then we see this deformation. I am assuming both of my team members one working in maya and one working in max ending up with the same issue is not a issue with the skinning or weight painting. If any one has seen similar issues to this please let me know. Also we have two separate models who have this same exact tearing and warping in the hands.

my first thought are skinning, not to knock your guys but make sure that no verts are skinned to the ik_bones or the weapon bones if there are there, you can check in engine by selecting the bone and translate/rotate

No offense taken we are all still learning UE4, the animations do not have any issues in max, maya or unity that’s why i thought it would be a engine side issue. Thanks for taking the time to reply i will report back if we find verts are weighted to the bones.