Skinning cars/ modding

I’ve got a question about modding and skinning cars. I’m in the process of building my game and I have seen so many modding questions such as, allowing modding to your game. I know that doing a game and allowing modding will cost the modders $19 for the ue4 editor but even I know if someone whom want to get into modding will pay the money. But first off I want to do something simple and want to know if there is a way to do in it blueprints or in C++. I don’t know c++ and I’m loving the Blueprints and using blueprints I can see where my errors are and how to get the code to work.

The game I am building is a racing simulator type game and I would like the players to skin there own car. Is there a way in the material blueprint to be overwritten.

I’ll give you a example
In rfactor you can change a skin using Photoshop and then using MS work or notepad you change a .veh and put them in a file that could be your name or a car in real life. In the .veh file you set the skin name such as DefaultLivery=“” and when the player opens the game they then can click on the file name and the skin will be on the car. plus it will save it to there player file so when ever they are in the game they don’t have to keep selecting it. plus in multiplayer if the file is also on the server and other players have it, the car will show up with that skin.

Is there a way for this to be done as I would like to add this to my game now as I am building it. Also if it is possible does the texture file have to be a .UASSET file or can it be set in blueprint to be a .PNG.

I have other questions such as having loading UMAPS from folders that are outside the final build but putting in the final build to search a folder such as Locations and printing the list in the UMG of all the umaps that are in the folder and if a player wants to race a track.umap that is in the locations folder it will load. this is so modders can create tracks using the ue4 editor without opening the game.


It is possible, but it will definitly require C++ as you can’t even read files other the uassets from content browser in Blueprint or else you will find some plugin for it (i seen one made for text file by ). Key is to get image too UTexture form, from there it’s easy to apply it to game.

thanks I’ll look into it more