Skined morph from max not playing on the editor.

Good afternoon guys!

I already spent 3 days on it, and I still don´t have a clue of what is going on.
Please can anyone help me out? I don´t know more where to research.

So I´m trying to import a character from 3ds max that have a skin and morph (blend shape), both are animated.
But for some reason the morph animation don´t play inside unreal editor.
I can see all the keyframes imported from morph and I can even play with the morph slider in the mesh windows inside unreal, but the animation just don´t play.

Here it´s the picture of the model inside 3dmax


Here it´s the morph animation that don´t play inside unreal

and here it´s the morph sliders working inside unreal


and here it´s the fbx…ew?usp=sharing

Thanks very much for the help guys,