Skin Wrap > Convert to Skin Clipping

I need help with ways to rig cloths and accessories for my character.

The Skin wrap modifier works great in 3D max as it takes the vertex weight from the skinned base model. However when I convert it to skin to make it game engine compatible there are some clippings.

I have played around with the setting but nothing seems to fix it. Manually rigging the cloth seems like an impossible task for me, I’m not sure if it’s the topological difference but there are still clipping even when I put the weight the value 1 for some vertex on the clipped part. I don’t understand why it would work perfectly in skin wrap but it won’t work the same way it did when I convert it to skin.

Removing polygons is not an option because I want the skeletal mesh to be fully customizable.

Before converting to Skin

After converting to Skin

Any direction is appreciated :slight_smile:

Skinwrap follows the surface polys of the underlying object, this produces more accurate results, skin requires manual adjustment per vertex weight which is very different, even if you convert it it will still depend on the amount of bones influences and topology differences to approximate the result. You shouldn’t have used skinwrap in the first place. it should be skin all the way from the start as skinwrap to skin is not dependable.

I also think you have some topological issues with that mesh notably around the deforming areas, also keep in mind to make the topology of the shoulder areas follow closer to the underlying mesh and then try skinning again go vertex by vertex and assign weight per bone (use weight tool). Since this is a tight fit shirt it shouldn’t be as complicated.

I see… thanks for the reply. Skinwrap conver to skin is a kickstart for me, it works well for the stocking and the shoes but the shirt is a realllll pain. Any tips to avoid clipping?

yes, i’m sorry but you need to revisit topology, this shoulder wont work correctly, the arm isn’t in resting pose and it is still clipping, imagine the amount of clipping and stretching that is going to happen when the arm is rotated downward. Also note poly density in clavicle area vs upper arm.

as a quick and dirty approach you can save it by creating 4 corrective morphs and link those up to it. Now this usually needs to be done regardless if you have a good shoulder topology or not but in your case the basis need revisiting unfortunately.

I recently wrote about steps on how to do correctives in max for ue you may look that up.

Lastly, skinwrap is very powerful tool, but as a long time user of max i can safely tell you for cases like these and initial skinning it is not to be used this way, it will create more unforeseen issues and make the skinning process harder than it is. you need a clean start.

you can try to add a mask to body material (in UE) which will make the polys that must be hidden under clothes transparent, for different cloths different masks