Skin showing through skin

Hi there. I’ve got an issue of skin showing through the shorts when the figure is in sitting position. Would welcome suggestions on this. i’ve got the LODs at 0 - the camera is close, and the figure is sitting and her thighs show through the shorts. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

This is an issue with the skinned weights of the clothes and body models. To fix it, you can improve the assigned skin weights (aka weight painting) in whatever program is used to create the models.

Alternatively, it should be possible to set-up corrective blendshapes. For more info on those, search for terms like corrective blendshapes, corrective morphs, or bone-driven morph targets.

thanks. this is a stock metahuman wearing shorts. no custom clothing was used. i’ll dig around to see if i can change the skin weights of the clothing… maybe in the export setting in bridge.