Skills that gain XP when using certain weapons

So, hello everybody reading this thread!

So, I bit the bullet and decided to try UE 4 after it went free. Used to use Unity and absolutely, utterly, completely hated Unity. Won’t really get into it, but it boils down to (in my honest opinion) an atrocious user interface. Liking Unreal Engine 4 much more than I thought I would. Enough that I’m actually starting to dig into it and learn more about it. I’m slowly planning out a game idea I have. Of course, figuring out things has been a tad bit odd for me since I couldn’t figure certain things out that I need to figure out how to do.

Getting to my actual question, I’m wondering how one would make a weapon that adds xp to a skill upon doing damage to an enemy? If you think of a system like the system for one-handed weapons in Skyrim for the sake of a well-known example. When you hit an enemy with an axe, for example, you gain xp in the one-handed skill. I was wondering how this would be accomplished in Unreal Engine 4 with C++. I am not particularly fond of the very thought of Blueprints, yet I’ll learn how to use it if there is stuff Blueprints is absolutely needed for. Looks almost like nodes in Blender (which is #1 on my list of irritations right now, character modeling is a royal pain for non-artistically minded people it seems) , so I should be able to figure Blueprints out if I need to cave and use them instead of just learning how things work with C++.

*Note: Sorry if I sound pretentious with my comments about Blueprints. I feel that learning to actually code things is better in the long run, and will probably lead to less frustration for me personally. I would love to sidestep Blueprints as much as possible. I know lots of people love Blueprints, but they seem like an attempt to let people who don’t want to learn how to actually code make games, which from what I’ve seen, only leads to more crappy games being made. Sorry, rant now officially over :stuck_out_tongue: *