Skills/Spell System

Hi everyone, I am very new in this, like only 1 month xD

I am enjoying it so far, I’ve watched all the UE4 tutorials and many more, I think I have around 200 hours of tutorials and some implementation in my projects.
I can’t really find tutorials on youtube for an idea I am looking for and it kinda slows my progression…

Basically I would like to make arena or dungeon style game. We can say it’s based on rpg system but only skill and class system (warrior, mage, ranger, healer). I don’t want leveling or quests or even gear progression. I find them pointless in games anyway. (I already made weapon swap, inventory, pick up and drop system, equipment preview, attach armor/weapon to character on use)

But I do want to make all kind of skill effects. Health regeneration/degeneration/life steal/health gain. Buffs like attack speed/block % chance and increased movement speed on skill use.
Status effects like interrupt a skill, blind or knockdown enemy, slow movement. Damage skills like aoe, dot (like poison/burning).
Skills based on enemies status - for example (for each condition on an enemy you get x amount of mana or health).
Debuff skills like (if enemy use skill in next x seconds, he takes x amount of dmg, or lose mana, or skills is disabled for x amount of seconds)

Also system to get counters based on how many times you have attacked to be able to use certain skill (for example adrenaline system - to use certain skill you need 4 adrenaline=4 adrenaline are 4 autoattacks)
…at this point you understand what I am looking for.

The other thing is enemy AI and companion that follows you and fight with you and use skills I give them to use.

My idea is to make game where you have x number of skills, you hunt and capture them from enemy bosses, you have skill bar which only have x amount of skills you can use at a time, so it’s more like a deck builder!
Where should one start looking at if he wants to make this kind of skill system? Because I only need that, all other gameplay I can make (simple one cuz I am still learning tho it’s enough for my needs now!), but I miss this crucial one!
Smart enemy AI/companions are a bonus! (i have patrol and attack on sight implemented)

I am digging trap systems too and I already have some cool effects…but it’s all based on trigger box which I find very easy and cool! :slight_smile: Also level design and environment - I could do it all day long!

I don’t want make anything big, no mmorpg or real rpg game (it’s just too big for one person and a childish dream).

It’s more like dungeon crawler with traps/jumping platforms, door keys, etc. (this I can do ^^) with hunting skills and skill deck builder (I can’t do it atm).
I need skill system tho, is it about line tracing or how? Blueprints and blueprint childs, blueprint interface?
Thanks for any help!!! :smiley:

I see you never got an answer this might help if your still looking. Good luck!