Skilled Blueprint programmer for serious $10,000 project

Looking For: A skilled Blueprint programmer for Unreal Engine (Must know networking too including Steam integration).

My Experience: Game Director and Game Designer at my company Titanforged Entertainment. We just finished creating a major update for an already released Steam game that we released earlier this year. The game is a 3D adventurous sandbox clicker, where you build your own unique farm an gain income over time to upgrade stuff. (This is just a quick video):

I have also finished the design and art for a tabletop game last year, where we created a fantasy version of the classic board games that you know:

Project: I am looking for a skilled programmer with networking and Steam integration capabilities to work as a tutor for me. I’m transitioning into a programmer and I’ve taken a lot of courses too so I know all of the basics (the nodes, animation blueprints, notifiers, blendspaces, timelines, events etc. etc.). I’m looking for one who would be willing to sit together in a call and help me out while programming the game we would make together so that I get more skilled in programming. I’m looking for a teacher basically.

The project will either be a 3D Multiplayer Survival game like DayZ style or a 3D Multiplayer Tabletop game containing all of the classic games like Ludo, Scrabble, Guessing/Drawing etc.

Length Of project: Approx. 6-12 months depending on the project.

Split %: I am willing to spend up to $10,000 for the art, animations, SFX and everything else. Your task would act as a teacher as I do the programming. The split will be discussed in a private message.

Contact Method: Send a private message or contact me on Discord which is faster. My ID is Nafei#9413