Skill Tree Editor Plugin

I am working on an editor plugin which lets you create skill trees fast and easy to use them in your game. You can create all kinds of skill trees with just a few clicks and customize it the way you want.

Easy to use editor

  • Feels like any other build-in Unreal editor
  • Add new skills wherever you want and edit it in the properties tab.
  • Choose a layout style and the tree orders itself.
  • Save the outline of the tree to an image, to create a custom background


  • Define your own skill struct or use the one already exists in your game
  • Render skills as you like by creating your own UMG widget for use in the skill tree, derived from a special UMG Widget providing everything you need.

In Game

  • New Skill Tree Asset type for use in game
  • A Slate and UMG widget renders the tree in game, you can add them anywhere in your UI
  • Every function you need to work with skill trees will exposed to blueprints
  • Save and load the state of a skill tree in a regular Unreal Save Game without trouble

Another layout style, skill nodes are ordered around its parent

The plugin is still work in progress but the main functionalities already exists, the in game load/save feature is missing but will be added soon and I will add more layout styles to the two already implemented. Also, the export Icon is crappy programmers art and just functions as placeholder.
The skill icons are public domain icons, from here and will not be included in the release and replaced with other basic skill icons.

I like to hear what you think about my work and I am open for all suggestion, especially what additional features this plugin needs.

Does this create a visual as well?
In that case, a line brush is missing. I think it would be appropriate in order to allow for better customization. And maybe allow multiple brushes that are used for different cases, like a skill path that is currently deactivated, a skill path thats available or a skill path that is already applied.

Yes, all visuals are automatically created by the plugin. I have just exposed the color but it would make more sense to expose the complete brush. I thought about different path types but I didnt implement them yet but I will certainly do. For now, just the skill widget is enabled/disabled if the skill is available for the player to unlock.

Its looking really nice. Can one set the position of the icons arbitrarily?
After the image is created, one still has to place the widgets where they belong, right?
Do you already have a price range in mind?

Thanks :slight_smile:
How you can position the nodes depends on the kind of layout you use, in the classic tree layout for example, you will be able to order the icons(childs are drawn left to right) or give them an offset. You also can define the direction of the tree, it is not implemented yet but you can render the tree bottom to top, left to right etc. In the radial style layout you also may change the rotation around a parent.

No, the image you can create is just for the background, the outline is drawn to let you know where the skills are drawn, that way an artist nows where skills are drawn, but you could use any image as a background if you want. The actual tree is an UMG widget which you can use like any other widget in your UI, you just need to specify the skill node widget class in the editor and the widgets are automatically created. In the skill node widget you get the skill data, the skill icon for example and you can decide how you want to render it, in the first example I just bind the “GetImage” function from the node widget class to a simple UMG Image Widget, everything else will be handled for you. In the second example I use a Material to render the skill image.

How much it will costs depends on how much time I have to invest but I think about 20$ to 40$ is a good price.

I am interested in this for tech and Unlock trees mainly :slight_smile:

Hello there :slight_smile:

It’s looking really impressive and it is exactly the kind of system I wanted to design by myself. I shall buy yours just to learn from it :slight_smile:

Does that support Multiplayer out of the box? By that I basically mean does the Server get the chance to check the amount of skill point / validate the buy / reflect the changes in the skill (I suppose this is up to our skill system but we need to actually receive an event of some sort).

This will be possible with little effort, you just need to define what the unlocked techs will do in your game

Not yet but I have planned to implement it as well so you will be able to bind the events needed for validating and syncronize everything.

Hey a few more questions -

  1. How well does this tool handle multiple massive skill trees? Example: Path of Exile Skill Trees
  2. How much do you plan on selling this for?

Theoretically the size of the skill tree should not matter because every change is transmitted by a single event only containing the particular skill but I need to test everything to be sure everything works fine. The initial transmitting of the skill tree when a user logs in would be a lot bigger of course.

Like I said before I think it will cost between 20$ and 40$.

Any news on this? I really want to pick this up. :slight_smile:

Also very, very excited for this!!

love it! hope it will cost 19.99 though :smiley: Would buy instantly.

Any news on this?

Checking again!?