Sketchy Physics to UE4

is it possible to import the “Sketchy Physics” Animation to UE4?

Here is a example file:

I hope there is a way to bring this Animations to UE4…

To import only the 3d Model is no problem but the Physics to Animation is a great problem i think.

Many Thanks in Advance,

Isn’t the “STYLIZED RENDERING SAMPLE” game what you are looking for? Its available for download from the marketplace, you could tweak it to your needs

Not at all, “sketchy physics” is an extension for sketchup that integrates a physics engine (…obviously!) that you can use to animate stuff and make joints and similar things. Now he wants to record these movements as an animation and use them in UE4.

Thanks Zeblote,
that’s excatly what i mean.

Hello Zeblote,
Did you think there is a Way?

I don’t know, I have no idea how sketchy physics actually works.

There might be a way, but I don’t think that there is currently, and there are no plugins that I am aware of that import physics associated with third party tools. Not sure if the SDK includes physics either, unfortunately - it only makes mention of importing and exporting to Sketchup.

I doubt it, as I don’t think SketchyPhysics uses regular bone animation.