Sketchup - Unreal Metadata

Hey guys,

we currently trying to implement a SketchUp / unreal workflow in our product. Therefore we are developing an automatic import from SketchUp, for this purpose we use Metadata like Ifc Types.
But in the current datasmith build we didn’t get this metadata in Unreal. Inside the exported datasmith file, we can find the metadata tags.

How is it possible to access Ifc Types (Metadata) from Sketchup in Unreal? Or is it a bug in the current Version?

Unreal Version: 4.21
Sketchup Pro 2018


You are right, we have identified a regression on this. Thanks for reporting.

You can track the status of this issue here - Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-68583)

@xcyde could you give me some pointers please? I also use a SketchUp - UnReal workflow. Just stumbled across this transfer of MetaData between the two while watching a Revit - Unreal workflow tutorial. In my sketchUp model I selected a component, expanded my “Advanced Attributes” under the “Entity Info” tab and gave it a simple ‘Price’ entry. Exported my model via DataSmith again and in UnReal selected the specific asset and reimported it. However there was no change under the “Asset User Data” detail for the said asset. While typing this, I noted back in SketchUp that my ‘Price’ entry had disappeared on the same component. I tried multiple times to re-enter it but each time I clicked away from the component and returned to it, the entry disappeared. I have managed to select “IFCRoof” under ‘Type’ which remains when I click away and return to the component. I assume the non-transfer of MetaData to UnReal is related to the fact that I cannot seem to maintain it in SketchUp so I suppose my question right now is,“How do I get SketchUp to keep the Entity Info I enter?”