SketchUp to Unreal Problem

Hi guys!

I have followed UE4 and its features for a long time. And i admire UE4’s reality and quality. I’m an architect and i love to use SketchUp. It’s popularity increasing day by day, lots of software release plugins for SketchUp. But UE4 hasn’t got any plugin and exporting a model is like burning in hell.

I followed topics at forum and i saw lots of ideas for SketchUp to UE4. But there hasn’t any solution yet.

I tried SketchUp to Max then Max to UE4 — overlapping problems,
I tried SketchUp to Blender then Blender to UE4 — overlapping problems,
I tried SketchUp to UE4 with exporting FBX — overlapping problems,
I tried SketchUp with using SketchUV then export UE4 — overlapping problems,
I watch videos on youtube, read posts from this forum but i can’t do it exactly.

I know there will be a plugin in future but now i want to do it maybe in a hard way. I saw some videos which is made on SketchUp with UE4 and i know there is people who achieve this process.

Please share your workflow with SketchUp and UE4 step by step. I want to achieve this and make a tutorial for people like me.

Thank you…

Maybe have a look at my workflow (post #7) here:

i already tested this process and overlapping problem still continued.

why not post an image of the problem or better yet, a sample skp file? I see no reason why it still should give problems if you use blender / Max for the more complex geometry

A good quick workflow I use is to export from Sketchup to Max as a 3ds file, then I apply a UV Unwrap to the mesh and hit ‘flatten mapping’. Then I export to UE4 as an fbx.

You can also apply a UVW modifier on another channel and set it to ‘box’ for your tiling materials.

when i try directly SketchUp to UE4 with FBX file…

here is 3th basement floor of my project.

and it has 4 groups (floor,walls, ceiling and ramp)

then i export them seperately to UE4 with FBX file…

then i import it and build

here is the result… i tried all export options for FBX into SketchUp and nothing changed…

and this is the file of basement… only 800kb

your main problem is: the materials don’t have any textures. Without textures there’s no mapping coordinates and without any mapping coordinates UE can’t copy them and reuse them to make the lightmap.


  • you have single sided elements. You need something around it (or give it thickness) to block the sun
  • you have a rather high polycount. The curves look nice but they take much time to calculate.
  • the floor size is big, you need large lightmap settings to actually see nice shading effects. This will take up much more memory and longer calculation times
    -> Why not learn UE by only using a small part (1/8) of this basement and start doing the whole basement once you have a nice workflow going and like the results for the small part?!

Im new to Unreal and Im a SU user too. I find these problems too so I guess you should start with Unity3D engine first then. I have been exporting to Unity with a SketchUp plugin called LightUp. LightUp has a script that’s does the work in Unity editor of getting your textured model into Unity! While creating in SU though special need to reduce polycount has to be taken in construction of models. Also all faces in SU have to be white and reverse facing of all dark surfaces needs to be done before exporting or you will have a lot of see-through walls and items.The problem of poly-counts make the real-time walkabout a pain for large building etc unless you make model with more block structures that co-joined extrusions.