Sketchup to UE for FREE?

Hi there,

Im looking for a solution to import Sketchup models to Unreal Engine 4 for free. I found a lot of tutorials but you need Sketchup Pro what cost money, is there any other option? I want to import SKP files from the 3D warehouse to my UE project, as a FBX file?

I think its not possible but mabye there is a solution?

did you try to run their trial pro ver Download SketchUp | Free Trial of 3D Modeling Software
But you better off using blender as this is not a long term solution using trial software.

Thank you! I never used Blender but i will try, there is a plugin to import skp files. But only for 2017 models, its not possible anymore to download 2017 models from the warehouse. But mabye there is another sollution with Blender. Thank you for answering.

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Blender is another animal… I’d use the .udatasmith export plugin for it in opposition to .fbx. I can’t even begin to describe how torturous the .fbx export pipeline is for archviz. Complete disaster!