Sketchup on Unity vs Unreal

Hello! I’ve been wanting to use sketchup get some buildings in my project. However it gets pretty disastrous in Unreal engine, but imports perfectly in Unity. I exported the sketchup file as obj and here I will show you the same model open in Unity and Unreal:

Can anyone help with this? I’ve largely abandoned Unity and have just been using Unreal so I’d really like to use this feature. Thanks!

Have you imported the textures and used them in material/s? have you applied the material/s to the model If so, post some screen shots of the material/s set-up. Also, some screens of the static mesh window could be useful too so we can see if all the material slots are filled.

I did absolutely nothing except drag all the files into a folder, in both Unity and Unreal. Unity detected the textures automatically as you can see. I’m not sure what unreal has done.

Okay, that’ll probably be your problem then. I know with .fbx format it would auto create materials for the textures upon mesh import (if checkbox is selected), not so sure about .obj format, but it’s likely that any imported materials would need to be assigned to the various material slots of the model if there is more than one (I think). It’s a trivial task that can be done in a minute or two. Open up the mesh by double clicking it in the content browser and you will see if the slots are populated with the materials…if they are, open the materials and see what is going on.

However, if you’ve imported all the textures independently from the mesh, then you can select them in the content browser, right click and choose ‘make material’ (or something like that), then you’ll need to assign them to the mesh slots.

How would I know what texture goes in each spot?BTW this thing has over 50 textures!!! and unreal created 50 empty material slots. there has to be an easier way!?

I am thinking you’ll need to do this by trial and error…In the future though, have a read here

ULLS read my previous post, i think you replied before i edited it. but this thing has over 50 materials! i don’t understand why unity can detect it but not unreal

In the link I posted, it mentions a naming convention that UE4 uses for material slot ordering. I’ve not used Unity or Sketchup before so I couldn’t really say why or how it auto detects these. Sorry!

I’d recommend using the .FBX format if sketchup supports it though, I’ve never really had much issues when importing any models into UE4

Yeah you are right, I used the fbx export option, and it works almost perfect, some easy fixes here and there. Thank God because otherwise it would have been a nightmare to do each separate texture!