SketchUp-like level-bashing tools

I find blocking out my worlds with BSP in UE4 cumbersome and tedious. I want to cut, slice, slide my geo quickly and intuitively without having to line up verts or muck with scale values.

Hmm, if blocking is already tedious to you, how do you go about creating actual models? :stuck_out_tongue: (Is that a walk in the park ?)

But you can use Blueprints to help you quickly fabricate geometry arrangements.
Sure, it has some shortcomings, but essentially it works just fine…

Sure. I use 3ds max and SketchUp to build my levels now. I’ve got a pretty fast workflow down, but I choose to request a unified approach to geometry, like other areas have been integrated so well already so that we no longer need to hop between/purchase other apps, improved geometry construction within the UE4 language and tools that I am already familiar, comfortable and efficient with.

Gotta bring Doom 3 CSG level editing into UE4 :wink: (DarkRadiant’s style specifically)

I naturally go straight for the scale tool when blocking out BSP geo but then I see the X Y Z numbers are still default 200 and I panic something will break later on as a result.
Honestly, is having two different transform methods for BSP geo dimensions even necessary? It just ends up confusing the bejesuz outta me. I just want to drag edges around quickly until they snap to grid.