SketchUp Export to Unreal for Mac Users (Datasmith Plugin)

When will mac users be able to use the Datasmith Exporter Plugin for SketchUp Pro? It’s really frustrating that this doesn’t already exist.

I agree. When will the Datasmith Exporter Plugin for SketchUp Pro be available for Mac?

I have been using a windows machine to load my SketchUp Pro models into the UE4 project I am building on Mac. Huge waste of time switching between machines. However it is faster than the work around of custom UV map through SketchUp extensions. Still though… please let us know (at least) when the Datasmith Exporter is planned for Mac.


totally agree, I’m new and I would like to know if it’s possible to export from SketchUp to Unreal using windows but continue working on that file on Mac?

Hi everyone, I too am in a similar situation. My projects are built on Mac in both Unreal and Sketchup. However with datasmith on Mac non functioning it is a pain.

What I do is:

  1. Build sketchup file on Mac and save.
  2. Save Unreal project file as a copy.
  3. Open sketchup file on windows and export according to Datasmith.
  4. Open Unreal project on windows and import Sketchup File according to Datasmith.
  5. Make sure to build your project and check the collision and UVs on the Sketchup file.
  6. Save Unreal project in windows.
  7. Open Unreal project on Mac.
  8. The sketchup file will be in your Unreal project now.

I use a networked hard drive to do these transfers and it plays well with the two systems. However it is still generally a HUGE pain. Especially considering how changing something in the sketchup file requires the whole process to be repeated.

More often than not I will just export FBX from sketchup in Mac for testing. Once I’m confident things are working I will do the above process.

I hope someone will address this. It has been a while now. I remember one of the devs had said it would happen before 2018 came to a close. We are moving along through 2019 and still there is nothing.

Ohhhhh well this sucks. I’ve just downloaded Unreal and am working through the tutorials. Came across Datasmith and leapt ahead a bit as I’m very proficient with SketchUp. I am using a Mac so I presume that Datasmith is still not available to use with SketchUp on a Mac? Does anyone have any updates on the situation - this thread was started seven months ago.