Sketchup Datasmith mishap?

I am importing a sketchup file and somewhere between exporting from sketchup and importing into unreal via datasmith, things are being rotated and moved…I have no idea at all where to start so any and all help would be appreciated! I tried to color code the main exterior shot

Hello !

It looks like a transform issue. Could you send us the file (or a slimmed down version with the offending meshes) by email at so we can debug it ?


Hi there,
I’m new in UE4. Is there Datasmith for Mac Users? I’m on Sketchup Pro 2020 and I’m having problems trying to figure out how to import a sketchup model into UE4.


Antoine… can you post any information what you did to help debug this? I am having the same issue. I import into UE from Sketchup using Datasmith and I have a bunch of random meshes moved and twisted in my model.


There is a Sketchup exporter for Sketchup on MacOS you can find on the exporter plugin page Datasmith Exporter Plugins - Unreal Engine

The MacOs version of the Unreal Editor does not support all datasmith format but can read .udatasmith files: Datasmith-Supported Platforms | Unreal Engine 4.27 Documentation

You just need to make sure the datasmith plugin is activated in your editor and you should be able to load the .udatasmith files and folders exported from Sketchup.

Hey David, this issue is quite old (2020) and may have been resolved, have you updated the exporter recently ?


Yes. I have. I downloaded and installed it two weeks ago.

It seems to be an issue with dynamic components in SK. I was able to fix the issue yesterday by exploding the dynamic components and then creating one single component from the exploded elements. Additionally, I started breakdown my imports into smaller Datasmith exports from SK. These two things seemed to fix the issue.