SketchUp Datasmith exports inverted normals

Hello, I have a very simple interior scene in SketchUp, when I’ve exported to UE 4.21.2 with Datasmith, and baked the lights I see all walls’ normals are inverted, how to reverse them to bake lights correctly. Please help, where should I do it, either in SketchUp or UE4.21?

You will really need to do this in SketchUp. Here’s something that might help:

There are cheats you can use like making sure the material is two sided, and then go into the object properties under World Outliner and selecting ‘Use Two Sided’ under Lighting. However, with large objects like walls these aren’t really going to help as the lightmaps will most likely be incorrect.


you can get more info here:

in SKP, i recommend this extension to flip normals:

hope this helps


Thanks! I did the fix in SketchUp! datasmith worked great!