SketchUp and Unreal Engine - Attempts at Emissive Materials Create Multiple Surfaces Glowing instead of One

Hello All,

Not sure if this is the right place for it or where to put this as it’s my first time here. I’m trying to learn Unreal Engine and the tutorials I’ve found don’t seem to cover this. I’m trying to make one of the materials in my SketchUp import glow, but in the process of trying to mesh the tutorial with my own model process it’s adding the emissive to multiple surfaces and then I can’t undo it so I just close the file down and reopen it.

I’ve attached a sequence of screenshots to try and help explain. Basically when I open the “Emissive” Material that’s in the element 1 slot of this group, it then brings uses the Parent Chain “Color_E09” and then applies the resultant color/emissive settings to multiple surfaces.

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