Sketchup 2019 - Datasmith Plugin

Is there plans to add compatibility for Sketchup 2019 for the datasmith export addon?

We have a 2019 version internally ready. If you want , you can send me an email at i will send you a private copy to check if everything is ok prior to push it to the general public?

Can you say a release date? I also wait for the plugin for Sketchup 2019 :slight_smile:

so far skp 2019 plugin is planned for next week, with preview 4

Okay, thank you very much!

We have just released UE 4.22 PREVIEW 4. This update supports SketchUp Pro 2019. If you are testing the 4.22 PREVIEW, download the latest SketchUp exporter plugin from the Downloads page:

You must also update the Unreal Engine and Datasmith importer plugin to the latest Preview version on the launcher.

I need exporter Sketchup 2019 -> UE 4.21. I just purchased Sketchup Pro and it doesn’t work with Datasmith!

the files exported by the sketchup 2019 plugin will work in 4.21 as well

For a moment there I thought this was a response to my request for a new SketchUp to Datasmith plugin. I will try the links and options above first. THanks to Epic for your continued support.

I am getting the following error while trying to instal the 4.22 exporter. Any thoughts?

Thanks, I am still using Sketchup 2018. Waiting until the plugin is ready and stable.

Please see this troubleshooting guide. It references the 3ds Max plugin, but should apply to any of them. The 3rd bullet point will likely be the most relevant to you.

I managed to install the software by unchecking all the sketchup versions before starting the installation

[FONT=“Roboto”]Good Morning,
some possibility of there being a plugin for sketchup pro, style sync as it already has in revit.
when changing the project in revit and reimporting what was changed in sketchup in unreal modify…