Sketchfab Model Viewer Forum Plugin

Hey everyone, we’ve added a new way to share your 3D work by ways of Sketchfab!

Sketchfab is an interactive model viewer for the web that enables 3D artists to show off their work.

How Do I Get Started?

First, create a free account at Upload your models and textures and tweak the settings of your asset.

Posting To The Forums

Click the Sketchfab icon on the WYSIWYG buttons bar.

If you don’t see the button, or the button is diabled, make sure your Messenger Editor Interface is set to “Enhanced Interface” in Settings > My Account > Miscellaneous Options.

Copy your Sketchfab URL into the dialog box and hit OK.


And there you have it! **MAGIC

**[SIZE=2]Now let’s see those models![/SIZE][SIZE=2]

If you have issues with the Sketchfab plugin, shoot me a PM, and I’ll find the gremlins.
If you’re having issues with Sketchfab itself, please refer to the FAQ section of, or email support at [EMAIL=“”][/SIZE]

Love it, question guys: Have you heard of Verold?

Nice! Now all they need is UE4’s PBR lighting system :smiley:

Thanks Chance!


+1 for Verold. Hope to see it integrated too sometime. It is a lot better than Sketchfab, in my opinion.

I do think the same, since Verold besides having bone animation integrated, can be used too for interactive content.

Guys, why still UE not have this??