Sketchbook: Seehr

Hello guys! My name is Sergio Acevedo Ruiz
I decided creating a thread where I can share my works done with UE4 so I can get some feedback from the community.
So, no much words, lets just start.
I created this scene in order to render realistic mech in realtime. I will update the model soon and animate it also!

I created a scene where I plan animating the mech that showed you before:

but the scene is going to end up looking a bit more like this:

I did some work in illumination inside the engine with blueprint coding for effects like grass:

I created some volumetric clouds for VFX inside Unreal Engine some time ago

Also, I am very proud of a physical system created to simulate an atmosphere in the sky. The Idea is based on the theory behind light scattering in the real atmosphere
Some time ago I created a scene in a mood that I love from photography

I will update the post anytime soon. Hope you like it and please comment! Thank you for your time.

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I did some anime style VFX for the game we’re working on at Tera UMA

What do you guys think of this cartoony clouds? Someone sent me a funny shader and I mixed with my scenes and I like the result

I love those clouds and the sky in the previous posts, almost stylized but realistic in their own way, great!

Amazing effects! I´d love to know how you created those clouds and that atmosphere in the first post! Magnificient stuff!

I’m glad you guys like it! There is much more to come!

This was the main source of the content:

It’s a mixture of that with another shader of mine. Very straight forward and it looks nice!

Lava shader for our game!

VFX Saturday!

Having some fun with materials today