Skelmeshcomp BP - camera component accessible via matinee?

I have a SkeletalMeshComponent BP and added a camera component, how can I get it into matinee as a camera track?

Hi Christian,

What you are trying to accomplish is technically possible, although not currently in the most convenient way. Below is an example setup.

First, you will need to have your BP with its SkeletalMesh and Camera components (please be aware that in Beta6 you cannot have a Tick Event in SkelMeshActorBPs. This restriction has since been removed, but you will need to use an Actor BP with a SkelMeshComponent in Beta6). In the BP Graph, make two Vector variables; one which will hold the camera’s current location (CamLoc), and one which will hold vector data from Matinee (MatineeVector). On MatineeVector, you will need to enable the checkbox for Expose to Matinee. Then, setup the EventGraph to use the variables to drive the Camera’s location (pictured below)

Add the Blueprint to your level, then open up Matinee.

Add the BP as a new group in Matinee. Right-click on the new group and choose Add new Vector property track, when the pop-up appears, choose MatineeVector and click OK. With the track selected, create some keyframes [Enter] along the timeline. Then, click on the Curve Editor icon for this new track. On the curve, select the keyframes of your choosing and adjust their values as you require. Add a Director Group, and point it to the Group with the BP actor.

Ensure you have something causing the Matinee to play on load, and then PIE. Your BP camera should move.

I hope this helps to explain the situation.


Hey Christian,

Thanks for your question. You can add the Skeletal Mesh actor to the Matinee track, and any camera attached to that actor will become a Matinee camera. Within Blueprints you can manipulate that camera component, but you cannot manipulate that component individually via Matinee. If there is something you are specifically attempting to do, please give us some more details and we will be happy to look for a work-around.


Ben Halliday

I added the skelmesh blueprint as a new skeletal group in matinee but when I click on the camera icon I still get the wrong camera angle.

I don’t think what you are trying to do is possible yet. However, you can attach a camera that is in the level to a blueprint, then you can use that camera in Matinee(then the cam will follow your animated blueprint.)

Yep that was my backup plan, will do that now. However it would be awesome if matinee would recognize a BP actor with camera someday :]