What is Skeletronix?

Skeletronix is a code plugin that adds a new actor component. This component can be used to generate an anatomical skeleton for a skeletal mesh within the actor, such as a character.

Why is Skeletronix useful?

Skeletronix is useful in situations where you need skeletons to fit various characters, but do not want to invest the capital in having an artist model them individually. The skeletronix component uses individual meshes to construct a skeleton to match the proportions of the skeletal mesh.

How do I use it?

Parent a Skeletronix component to the skeletal mesh of an actor, such as a character.

Where do I buy it?

-Change Log-

Version 1.0 Released May 23rd of 2016
-Includes skeletronix component, skeletronix profile assets, and human skeleton meshes.

Version 1.2 Submitted June 25th of 2016
-Updated for 4.12 compatibility
-Get all bone meshes function added
-Set all bones render custom depth function added
-Set all bones hidden in game function added
-Set all bones visible function added

Version 1.3 Submitted July 1st of 2016
-Corrected the uplugin file to enable plugin content

Version 1.6
-Updated for 4.13
-Fixed “AllBones” functions not including all the bones
-Improved Ease of Use
-Updated for 4.14
-Updated for 4.15

Version 1.8
-Updated for 4.16
-No need to call Generate Skeletron, generation will happen automatically.

Version 2.0
-Updated for 4.17 and 4.18

Version 2.2
-Manual call to Generate Skeletron is needed again, in order to remedy bugs from engine changes.

Please submit your questions, complaints, ideas, and suggestions in this thread. Thank you.

This makes me excited :smiley:

Just submitted an update version today for 4.12 compatibility and including some new functions. Get all bones meshes, set all bones visibility, set all bones hidden in game, and set all bones render custom depth.

I just submitted 1.3 to fix an error with the .uplugin file in version 1.2

I have submitted version 1.6 for UE 4.13 and updated the first post to reflect the changes. The major change is that engine differences prevent me from spawning the bones in the constructor, so they now spawn automatically on Begin Play instead.

updates fir future version

Are you going to update for 4.14 and 4.15???

The version for 4.14 has been available on the marketplace for a while. 4.15 is still in preview, so I cannot develop for it yet.

Updated for 4.16. You no longer need to call the Generate Skeletron function. The skeleton generation happens automatically now as long as you set the mesh.

Updated with some info about recent changes.

To make sure, for 4.18 the setup (profile, target mesh, gen skeleton, bone vis) needs to be moved to BeginPlay (i.e. not construction script), is that correct?

Also, I think in the ZombieProfile the bone for the skull should be named “head” (it is set as “skull” by default when I install it - without changing it, the actual skull mesh is placed at the character’s feet with the spine attached, looks weird but kinda fun).

Question - do the 3 profiles differ from each other at this point?

Sorry about the late reply, I didn’t get a notification.

The two alternate profiles included were meant to be used with specific assets that were available from the marketplace back when it was much smaller. Now, they are only included for legacy purposes.

Yes, engine changes have forced it to go into Begin Play for now. I’m looking at ways to improve this for the next version.