Skeletronix can be used to make spooky skeletons. Skeletronix can be used for X-ray effects such as in Metroid Prime or Arkham Knight. Skeletronix is flexible, versatile, and waiting for you to take advantage of it.

Skeletronix is an easy to use plugin that will generate skeletons inside your skeletal meshes by using customizeable profile assets that contain lists of the bone meshes. Skeletronix also performs scaling functions to account for characters with different proportions. Skeletronix constructs spines from individual vertebrae to ensure there is no deformation of the individual bones. Skeletronix manages the animations of the spines and scapula based on the motion of the other bones. Skeletronix handles all you skeleton needs.

Skeletronix currently includes a full set of human skeleton meshes. It includes profile for the default mannequin and the female mannequin in the Realistic Female Player Anims pack. Skeletronix is currently planned to include the full source so you can modify it if you need to.

Would you like to purchase Skeletronix? What features could be added to improve Skeletronix for you?

That’s really cool!

Will you add fully documented source code with comments?
I was thinking about non-human characters. How hard is it to reconfigure the code to generate custom bones and skeleton ? Adding as many parameters in blueprints and so methods and variables in C++ to allow for an easy reconfiguration could help a lot. For example an ogre character in a fantasy game would still be humanoid but quite far from human so the skeleton should be reconfigured properly if templates are not available. Same goes for animals. And any character in a sci-fi world or fantasy world that would be designed to be like nothing else would require the bones to be reconfigured as well.
It would be a lot more useful and worth the price if it wasn’t limited to human characters only.

If it uses the same skeleton as default UE4 characters, only with altered proportions, you should be able to copy the standard profile and simply make adjustments to scales of certain bones.


Different types of bones have different behavior and options.

Something different, say with 3 arms and 4 legs, should still be doable without code modification. You would only need to make a new profile assets and fill out the parameters, and maybe use custom bone meshes.
As long as the mesh’s skeleton is “anatomical”(meaning the joints are where you expect them to be) the plugin should work in the majority of cases with no modification.

I intend on documenting the C++ as thoroughly as I can.

In short, the plugin isn’t limited to human characters at all, those are just the only meshes I can include atm. I’m going to grab some more items from the marketplace and make some examples of using it with nonhuman characters soon. Depending on similarity to humans, you won’t need a full set of alternate bones. Using a custom skull will probably be the most common bone replacement.

amazing work

I made this using the deer and a skull from Necro’s Bone Box.

This is really clever!

Haha BlackRang666! That’s pretty **** creepy :slight_smile: Awesome. This looks like a really cool plugin, btw.

Hi BlackRang666

As Necrophobe said, this is “pretty **** creepy” especially with glowing green bones.:smiley:

It works with creatures, with bony shapes and joints like digigrades and tails?

Sorry BlackRang666 just now I saw the Dark 474 comment! Ok, You’ve answered my question!!!:slight_smile:

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Really cool plugin, BlackRang666!
One could actually use it even for something like a car or a tank. The bones would be replaced with gearbox, transmission, differential, wheel axle, engine, fuel tank and etc. Sure you could do it without it but it’s so much faster pipeline wise to just scale your rig and let plugin populate it properly with the geometry.
Do you have a general on/off “button” for Skeletronix component? Just to enable it’s rendering and calculation only when it’s necessary.

@lunnyBunny I actually discovered that its hard to do a tail while I was experimenting with the deer, so its one of the first things on my to-do list.

@BoredEngineer “One could actually use it even for something like a car or a tank. The bones would be replaced with gearbox, transmission, differential, wheel axle, engine, fuel tank and etc.” That would be called Mechatronix and it is still very early WIP. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have an on/off switch for the component, but it seems like a good feature to have so I am adding it to my to-do list.

I am not good at this kind of stuff yet.
What I need is a human dragon, legs arms tail wings for UT99.
or you could use the skaarj model just put a dragon head on it and tail and wings

If you can’t do it that’s ok too
Just asking. have a good evening

@Dragonguy This plugin can add bone models to the bones in a skeletal mesh’s rig, but can’t construct limbs that are not present in the rig already.

@BlackFangTech: Where would I find the documentation for the Skeletronix plugin? (there’s one in the WebEz and LookAlive plugin folders, but not in this one) .
Could really use a quick start guide on that one.

Edit: found it in 4.17 (it’s missing in the installation of 4.18).

Hey, thanks for alerting me that its missing in the 4.18 version.
You can also check this thread btw. Skeletronix - Unreal Engine Forums