Skeleton sharing w/ animations authored on different rigs

Hi All,

I have a male/female variation for a character, they share the same skeleton asset but have their own rigs in Maya. The characters are different proportions and translation retargeting on the root/hips is set to animation/animation scaled.

Everything works fine when using animations authored on the male rig (this is the skeleton). However, any animations authored on the female rig, applies an offset to the hips and the character sinks into the floor a little, not a lot but enough that blending between anims doesn’t look great.

Is it possible to create anims using both the male/female rigs in Maya and have them use a single skeleton in Unreal? It’d be handy for the animator to be able to use the female rig when creating specific animations.

I feel like I’m not understanding something, just like some thoughts on the problem, would splitting the skeletons and having individual anim sets be a better approach?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: