skeleton setup skinning rigging ( epic skeleton )

Project Title:

Character skeleton setup skinning rigging for modular character system.



We are Looking for an artist capable of creating for us a 100% epic skeleton compatible base skeleton for our two main character models which form the basis of our modular character system. This task requires the creation of the skeleton itself preferably with the appropriate tools available for maya and the skinning and rigging of the two base characters as well as the transfer into the FBX file format and the export into a 3ds Max file. We need this done in a way so that we can work with this skeleton also in 3dsMax and not only in maya. It would be also required to add additional bones for a basic facial set up with eyes and the lower jawbone.

Team Name:

Chronos Unterhaltungssoftware UG
USTID / VATID: DE303603336
AG Darmstadt HRB 94643
Riedackerstrasse 4a
69509 Mörlenbach
Tel. +49 (0) 6209 794764

Talent Required:

3D Artist / Character Artist for skeleton setup skinning rigging.

  • Maya & 3dsMax
  • experience with epic skeleton compatible skeleton building



Skype: gregor.koch