Skeleton retargetting from mixamo to manequin

So i’ve used the mixamo animation retargeting plugin to convert my skeletalmesh/skeleton from mixamo into ue4. However if i change my skeletal mesh in my 3rd person character bp, and set the animationbp for the same one i was using, it doesn’t work. in fact, no animations show up. in order for them to show, i need to retarget animation(duplicate)then it works on the model i brought from mixamo. I was under the impression that if the Skeleton was retargetted, it would basically be the same as my manequion’s skeleton and therefore older animations (from the mannequin) would work on my new, skeletalmesh from mixamo.

So my question is, having already set up quite a big animation bp with logic/other blueprints tied to it, whats the procedure to have the new skeletalmesh work with all my previous logic and animation? Seems like retargetting all the old animations would require me to have to change the animation files everywhere(blendspaces, blueprints and animation blueprint).

Am i doing this wrong? Or it’s really all about the painstaking process of going one by one, through the entire game and replace animations?

seems like i can also rmb retarget the anim bp which takes care of most of it :slight_smile: