Skeleton retargeting not working as expected

Hi guys!

So we are making a game with assets from Synty Studios and I want to find a solid workflow for the different characters. I have been working on a character select system but right now I can only use the meshes that share the same skeleton.

I can’t seem to get the retargeting to work, does anyone now what I am doing wrong? I would love some tips when it comes to workflow when working with different character assets and animations.

Here is a video where I try to show the problem and what I am trying to do.

You must specify all bones in the section “Set up Rig”:

Root - Root bone name;
Pelvis - Pelvis bone name…

Thanks for the reply, I will try it out when I get home.

I was under the impression that by selecting “humanoid rig” it would sort the bones by itself as long as the naming convention is the same?

Sometimes UE4 assigns values incorrectly.
Retarget animation is a very unpredictable thing in UE4.
Write about the result, I have a lot of problems with that too.

I am not sure if this is what you meant but instead of retargeting the skeleton I assigned a new skeleton to each of the skeletal meshes and that worked for the most part.

Not what he meant.
when you open the skeleton to create the re-targeting you have options to change the bone names.
some times the names aren’t matched correctly - the reason for this is the hierarchy, if the hierarchy is different bone names could not match or be incorrect.

The reason to use retargeting is so that you can re-use animations and animation blueprints across several characters.
Using different skeletons without rerargeting won’t allow for this.

That might be, in this case the different skeletons use the same naming conventions so I have not had a problem with matching the bones.

I got it working now but what do I if the skeleton I want to retarget has more bones than the target?

Ignore the extra bones.
They do not have animation tracks for the retargeting to work on them anyway, so they are essentially useless.

If thats not the case, then, that’s when you build a custom rig. Which is something you normally do for quadrupedes, avians, insects etc.

Thanks man! Great help :slight_smile:

Am I supposed to do the same thing?

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No, that looks fine :wink:

in your case I think the issue is the initial pose for the retargeting.

For things to work your rest poses have to have near identical rotations.
what you are seeing is common when you go from a T pose to an A pose (a pose is the standard for the mannequin).

Ook thanks