Skeleton ragdoll

I have a skeletal mesh (of a skeleton), with which i have deleted a bunch of bone constraints, so when i enable simulation all of the limbs should detatch and scatter like in morrowind.

The problem is when i apply a force to the mesh to help scatter the bones, the root bone seems to rotate which displaces all the bones in a very weird way -

This is what it does in editor simulation which is correct - - YouTube

This is what it does in game with a force applied - - YouTube

I have tried applying force to the bone below the root, but i get the same effect.

This is my function applying force -

How do I get my skeleton to ‘explode’ without the pieces aligning to this incorrect world space?

I have confirmed that the root of my mesh is being rotated when the force is being applied (even when applying to a non-root bone)

Is there a way to freeze the root bone, or ignore its orientation?

Turns out if you have negative scale on a mesh, it breaks physics pretty horribly.