Skeleton help

Is it possible to adapt an animation from one character to another character without deforming it?
I tried for an animation of the personage base of the unreal and put the character of the paragon and got me all deformed. If someone can help.

you need to do some re-targeting. theres a good tutorial on re-targeting by epic that ill link below. basically re-targeting will adapt the animation to the size and location of the skeleton so that you can use animations across a wide range of different shaped characters. theres a few different kinds of re-targeting but the video series linked covers them all.

Thank you so much

It continues to make the same mistake. I followed the tutorial but error persisted as in the following image

yea i was thinking that those videos had the other retargeting in it but i guess it was another video somewhere . anyways i linked the docs on retargeting below for your case you want to look at the retargeting adjustments section.

oh and to show the retargeting options you may need to click all bones, active sockets, then show retarget options.

Thank you for helping me. Can I get your nickname on my report? for helping me in my project

im assuming your talking about references / citation page, if thats the case do what you want i dont really need credit for anything i just provided a link to the docs. youd be better off just citing the docs.