Skeleton for rigging with Blender

How do I export a skeletal mesh from UE4 as fbx? If I try to export a skeletal mesh from ue4 the only file formats I get are .COPY and .T3D but no fbx. I asssume I am doint something wrong.

I would like to get the bone structure from ue4 to blender (mesh included or not) to use it to add my own animations or apply it to my own character and use the default animations. Thats can’t be that hard to do or?

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Normally you just have to do a right click onto the skeletal mesh in the content browser - export - choose fbx - save

I think that I found a decent solution for rigify to Unreal pipeline.
I don’t know where should I write. Sorry if here is inappropriate.

What my script does is that
1.make a copy of the rigify
2.delete all bones except deform bones.
3.Reconstruct the hierarchy
4.Object’s scale modification. (adding tiny empty as parent)
5.bake animation to new rig (and remove all constraints)
6.Reconnect the mesh’s Aramature modifier to new rig.
The script ends at here.

What remaining to do is…

I’m new to Unreal. So, I’m not certain about validity of this concept.
Anyway, the file is here.
Because of my poor English skill, please don’t expect reply from me

I tried using ChigechigeBobo’s scripts on the PitchiPoy rigify version but I couldn’t get it to work. MCH and ORG bones still got imported.

I didn’t spend much time with it (only 1 hour), but I’m pretty sure I followed all the steps in the pictures and scripts included in the supplied blend file.

Underneath “Batch Own Dir” at the bottom of Blender > Export > FBX (.fbx) ,
I don’t see the Bake Action options (Start Frame, End Frame, Frame Step, Only Selected, Visual Keying, Clear Constraints, Clear Parents, Overwrite Current Ac…, Bake Data > Pose/Object)

If ChigechigeBobo’s scripts can really “2.delete all bones except deform bones.” I will be very happy. I can’t get a pitchipoy rig into UE4 with a proper physics asset, as more than half of the physics bodies are jumbled up in the center of the mesh.
I will come back and update this reply, once I’ve tried everything using the info supplied.

Thank you for taking the time to post this ChigechigeBobo!

Might you have any info on how to import a pitchipoy rigify rig into UE4 with a semi-workable physics asset? I tried ChigechigeBobo’s scripts (found at the end of this thread) but I think they silently error out on account the scripts are made for the old rigify rig, not the PitchiPoy one.

I updated the script to support PitchiPoy version.
The rig was worth to learn. Thanks.