Skeleton disappears after moving/copying

So I have a UE4 mannequin (mesh, physic asset, skeleton) and I want to copy it to another folder inside the same project but whenever I do it the skeleton disappears but still has all of the bones in skeleton tree tab. Could you tell me how to do it properly?

It do not disappear, but is is too tiny to see, I believe that you can zoom in to it. I too have that problem when I export from Blender to Unreal.

I tried to zoom in and I’m almost sure that it isn’t there. Also when I select any of bones in details the location, rotation and scale are set to 0


I suspect that the preview mesh is null. I don’t believe you can view a skeleton without a preview mesh selected. What happens when you try to select your mesh from the preview mesh dropdown?

Also, when you copy move your assets, are you doing so from within UE4? Manually moving assets outside UE4 is not a supported feature. Even if the uasset is placed in a new folder, it will not show up in the editor if you did not move it from within the editor.