Skeleton bone's axes import issue

I’m facing issue with bone’s axes while importing skeleton from 3dsmax.
No matter what, UE is not capable to mimic my skeleton on 100%.
It always flips one axis to negative at least.
I’ve noticed that the orientation of the root bone in the world affects the orientation of children/hierarchy.
Does anybody know how to patch this bug ? Well, I hope, it’s not a feature!
I didn’t find anything related to this topic in the documentation (did I miss it?).
On this screen shots is the situation I got the closest match, if the root bone was oriented to match 3dsmax world axes.

I had a similar problem with my rig coming in at all weird angles. I had to unparent everything from the root, re-orient the root to 0,0,0 and then reparent everything back. My rig wasn’t coming in all sideways after that.

Another thing that could be your issue is that Unreal is in Z up, not Y up. It’s a basic mistake but worth asking.

What was your source DCC, please?
I’m affraid, it has nothing to do with UP Axis.

Sorry for the late reply. My DCC is Maya 2018 and 2020.

I’ve never really looked at the orientation of the bones after they’re in UE4. If your animations are applied correctly then maybe it’s nothing to worry about?