Skeleton Animations Freeze Forever After Switching to LOD1

Dear Friends at Epic,

I’ve been having the issue that one of my creature’s animations would totally freeze at intervals I could not understand, an issue I did not experience in Beta5.

Again please note this issue is new for me in Beta6.

I finally ascertained that my issue with my freezing skeleton creature was that I had given the creature an LOD mesh

Whenever the camera gets far enough away that the LOD1 mesh activates, THAT is when the whole skeleton freezes, even if camera gets back into LOD0 range.

#Repro in Beta6

  1. make a creature with high LOD0
  2. make an LOD1
  3. Have an animation playing perpetually on the creature via anim BP or montage

go in game and see if when you get far enough away that LOD1 activates, whether the whole skeleton freezes or not

I can Upload

If you’d like me to upload my LOD0 and 1 both I can do so for your expedited testing

#I know it is not Update bones

I have set in both code and in the character blueprint to make sure the animation is always updating :slight_smile:

Mesh->MeshComponentUpdateFlag = EMeshComponentUpdateFlag::AlwaysTickPoseAndRefreshBones;



Hi Rama,

I have reproduced this issue in Beta 6, but I am glad to say that it has already been fixed and it no longer occurs in our current internal build.

This should not be expected to be an issue in future releases of Rocket.



Thanks Stephen!

Congrats on 4k!