Hey, I’m just starting, I was reading about modular characters and gave me headache.
My question is, are SkeletalMeshSockets enough for what I need?
My goal is to make characters that can equip different clothes/armors/weapons etc.
If you guys can mention some pros and cons would really appreciate it.
Thanks in advance.

I’m facing the same battle for modular enemy pieces in my game. I bumped into this tutorial:…ft_1HIJVQmJkzu

For equipping weapons and meshes that don’t need to conform with a character’s animations, sockets should be fine for what you need.

For clothes and armor though you’ll want to use a modular approach unless your characters are simple enough to remake for each different type/combination.

Besides switching out complete body parts as shown in the documentation

I’ve found success using morph targets to layer clothes by making the body or layer underneath a smaller scale. Either way though you’ll need to use the Master Pose component method.