SkeletalMesh Limited Constraints bug?

Hello. i’m trying to setup “knee joint” for my character and for this i set this constraint to limited, set values - they work ok, but when i rotate this limited constrain to prevent knee from bending forward - my rotation adjustments doesn’t work (if constrain set on “free” rotation work) UE Ver 4.24.2

2 - how it actualy work
1- how i set it (this setup works in ue4.18)

PS Last time i do this in 4.18 and rotation work fine,

you can repo this on default ue skeleton

According to Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-72542) this is intentional, because apparently rotating the constraint in this way was “not intuitive and unexpected”. Now you have to hold alt to rotate the range of movement, which rotates the indicator around the tiny arrow instead of normal rotate which rotates both and is barely distinguishable from normal rotation. Though as evident by this thread and others I think they missed the mark on what the “expected” behavior is.