[Skeletal Meshes] Wheels with "shopping cart" physics problem

Hello Forum,

for my project (VR-Hospital simulation) I am trying to get the physics for medication carts to work. Especialy the wheels of those carts.
The cart has to be pushable by the player. I accomplished this so far. The problematic part are the wheels. since the cart is not driven by the player (it just gets pushed), i need to get the wheel physics to get the right visual feedback.

For now I did set up the cart just like any other vehicle. the wheels are turning, and the cart goes in the right direction. however, the wheels do not change their rotation around Z axis. When i set the constants to “free” it starts wobbeling around (in X- AND Y-axis, which looks pretty unnatural). What i need is shopping cart wheel physics, where the wheel is allowed to “roll” in X-direction and rotate around the Z-axis.

I hope you guys know what I mean and could help me setting this up :slight_smile:


I’m sorry to push this up again, but I didn’t find a working solution and realy need help with this.

Setting both of them to free should work, you just need to increase the dampening.