Skeletal Meshes Flickering in and out?

So I have Multiple skeletal mesh’s that are flickering in and out in the editor and in game. I have re-imported them several times without change all I was doing was replacing the asset which I have done countless times with tons of assets but I haven’t replaced or imported any assets for I guess about a week now.

Did they just recently make some changes to the FBX importer?

Its actually a modular pawn skeletal mesh of 5 pieces for one complete model and 3 of the 5 pieces export just fine, 2 of the 5 do not and I have even gone back and re-cut them and exported them etc.

Anyone else having similar issues or have a solution?

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Some things I tried

Same problem. Modular, but in my case, the child skeletal mesh flashes off and on for 1 frame when it lands from a jump. Tried using it’s own animation bp and set master component. same result.

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Using UE5.3.2
Happened with set leader pose on child mesh.

I’ve tried:

  1. Mesh Increase bounds scale from 1 to 2
  2. Toggle on bUseBoundsFromLeaderPoseComponent
  3. Toggle on bConsiderAllBodiesForBounds
  4. Toggle on bComponentUseFixedSkelBounds

all of the above didn’t solve the issue.