Skeletal meshes/animation collisions

I have this floor hatch that is a skeletal mesh that opens when i press a button, but the problem is that i cant walk over it, it has absolutly no collisons

This is the bp settings

And this is the PhAT of the object:

What should i do so the characters can be able to step on it?

Hi there,
You’re using skeletal mesh, that is not supposed to work like that. If you are not going to animate it, it’s better to import it as “static mesh”, then you setup the simple collision inside the static mesh editor, and inside the blueprint, you set collision settings as world static.

That should do it.

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I guess you’ve missed that one. Set to Collision Enabled, query and physics.

But, as I’ve said, Static Mesh would be the correct way.

No not quite.
If it does not Bend organically, then use a static mesh.
Anything mechanical in nature should never use skeletal mesh.

Why? Because good luck getting the engine’s light to look any good on it.

Possible exception here are chain links, because they are painful to set up and animate indivudually…

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But I am going to animate it, like i said before the hatch opens or closes when a button is pressed thats why i used a bone to animated…

Got it, but for simplicity, you could use two static meshes and a timeline to animate the opening/closing. Or, for more sophisticated setup, physics constraints would also work with a bit more code. Another way, you can use Level sequencer to play the animations based on overlap events or event input key events controlled by the Level Blueprint.

There are many different ways to achieve your goals, what is important is what works best for you.

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I changed that and now i can step on it but i have a small issue:

see this gap between the ledge and the floor of the hatch?

The physics body doesnt aknowledge the geometry and does a flat overall shape and when the charather steps on it they stay floating:

any idea how to fix that?

You can go to the static mesh preview, and look for complex and change the settings to Use Complex Collision as Simple. For very complex geometry, you may need to use “custom collision” done in a external application.

For Skeletal meshes, in the physics asset editor, change the body type to Multi convex and create a body using this option. It is worth a try.

Physics are never going to be reliable enough to operate the door properly.

Thats why all doors are usually hard coded with a timeline or similar to animate the open/close sequence.

Ditch the skm. Go with static. Build a BP that uses timeline and an “open” “close” function off an interface so you can call it remotely.

Note that doing this doesnt mean you loose functionality. You can always enable and disable physics ad-hoc.
Or, you can script the door motion to depend on player input without acrually reliyng on physics…

Its what I have :confused: