Skeletal Meshes and applying gloves, armor, etc.

Hello everyone,

I’m not 100% sure where to post this question, so if it needs moved, please do.

I’ve been working on my game using the UE Mannequin to get my game mechanics and pickup system figured out. I’ve made good progress, but now I’m entering into an area I know nothing about - modifying characters and other assets.

For example, if my player picks up a backpack, armor, hat, etc., should this be applied to my player mesh via a socket, or should I make sure all assets I want to use are built using the entire UE4 skeleton? I’ve read that using the full skeleton has a lot of benefits, but I’m not sure I understand what they are.

If I use the full UE skeleton, what happens when I can only find/buy an asset that does not use the UE skeleton? Can is still be used with some Blender/Max work, or do I need to be sure to only use assets that are UE4?

What if the asset (say a glove or some armor) does not fit correctly? How would I adjust the item to fit the character if my mesh is slightly smaller/larger than the UE Mannequin?

Lastly, and this one really shows my noobness. When assets are created and sold on sites like TurboSquid, they normally have a tag indicating high or low polly. Should I be looking for a low polly count of some number, or is this more arbitrary and just something to keep in mind as I build out my scenes and characters?

3D modeling and animations are all new to me and I’m looking for some guidance. Thanks in advance.