Skeletal Meshes and Animating Advice

Hello. I am working on a horror game and I’m in the process of trying to make the mesh and the animations. My character is a kind of four legged spider robot thing. I have my mesh and I’ve rigged it up in Blender. Now what? Do I start making individual animations like a walk and run in Blender then import them into UE4? Does the engine have it’s own animating tool? I’m kind of a noob when it comes to this so I wanted to get some advice on the workflow of creating characters rather than taking shots in the dark. I’m curious to see how to do this and I look forward to seeing any advice you guys may have. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! :slight_smile:

My advice is to start small.
Animating a 4 legged creature will be a nightmare if you’ve never animated a bi-pod.
Start with making a bi-pod character, do some walk and run cycles, then move on to more advanced animating once you have a better feel for the tools!

I do understand where your coming from. This robot doesn’t have any arms so that helps a bit. It also has no ankles so I only have a handful of joints to work with. I was wondering if animations are exported as individual files or you export the mesh with animations. Once I get all of this done I can begin working on AI for this, but that’s another story. For this game I only need an idle and walk animation and I’ll begin working on it as soon as I get a chance. Thanks a ton for your advice.

In most cases, you have a mesh that has been rigged with a skeleton, then animated and exported as a single file.
I use .FBX when I export, I’ve just found them the easiest to work with.
What program are you using to model/animate with?

Blender? I got your back :slight_smile:

I just learned this work flow myself only a few days ago, so I’m just going to post what worked for me.

Yeah, you make the animations in blender, and store them all as “fake users” (the “F” you see in the action editor, next to the name of your action) failing to press that “F” button can mean LOSING ALL YOUR WORK.

Export your FBX with the meshes and the armature (NO animations, not yet, blender can’t do that successfully yet, last I saw)
Here are my export settings for the skeletal mesh with armature:

Anyway, Blender has to export the animations 1 at a time right now, (otherwise weird **** happens) Before you export, be sure to manually set the frame range for each animation individually before each export (if your idle begins as frame 5 and ends at 35, then set your “start” and “end” frame values to match that.
So I start exporting my animations 1 by 1 with these settings:

Lastly, Blender does some really odd things with the scale, it will take trial an error before you get a proven workflow that doesn’t give odd results.

I hope this helps.

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