Skeletal Mesh

For some reason my Skeletal Mesh doesn’t import to UE4, it keeps saying, it only supports 1 master bone, which is what I have. What am I doing wrong?

btw, I’m using Blender

have a watch of this video

then if you still have questions we need more info, ref type of rig / ammount of bones / a few pics in blender …


I’ve attempted what he mentioned in the video but I still get error messages. Could you help get rid of them or are they normal

Whenever I’ve encountered the ‘1 master bone’ error it’s because Unreal had exported a dummy object at 0,0,0 with the skeletal mesh.

haven’t seen that error for a long time hummm, also looks like you have a size/scale issue unless your character is 2781 cms high which might also becausing the merge issue